What We Believe


Prayer is Power. It is a path to reach God. Prayer can bring miracles in your life, if prayer has been done by heart. People who pray and believe in God are happier and have a better life, because they do not feel alone. They feel the power of God, which is always with them. It always shows you the path of light. Prayer is the only connection between God and Human.

Some people think that it is very complicated. It is not easy to remember the typical words, long-long mantras, but God is not asking you to chant mantras. He wants you to be an innocent child and tell him or ask him anything, everything. Do not hide anything from him. Just like you talk to your loved ones, talk to him. Simply talk. You can ask him, tell him or thank him, whatever you feel like.

Prayer is not just a fixed text. They are the words in which we can communicate. And remember, it is not to praise God. Words should come from your heart. Heart should be pure, that is, the only rule to talk to God. He praises all the truth in your heart, which is full of love and devotion. That comes only to you, if you are good at heart.

Believe in your words. Remember the relationship between a parent and his child. It is the same relationship one can have with God. He is our father or mother. We are his children. We need to realize that there may be times when we do not get what we want, but it does not mean that he does not like you or he is not hearing you. That is because he knows better; he knows what is good for us. You just need to have faith that God will hear you. Only then can your prayer be more powerful.

Prayer is beyond from all religion. It goes from heart to heart. Sit alone and concentrate then you can realize what is inside your heart. Listen to your heart and tell everything to God. He will answer you. Build your relationship slowly and slowly and then you do not need any words to say the prayer. You will feel he is with you, within you. You will feel peace inside you as your body starts to feel very light, meaning all the stress is going away and your mind is in the relaxed state.
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