Be Patient...but how to be?

Be Patient...........but how to be?

Many of us are impatient at times. Losing control of our patience hurts not only us, but those around us. Impatience raises our stress level and can even cause physical harm to our bodies. Being impatient can also damage relationships.

What makes us impatient. That is the first thing we have to understand. Many people become impatient due to physical factors such as hunger, dehydration, or fatigue. Analyze your body the next time you start to feel impatient. A simple remedy might be a snack and a glass of water. Some others are like Anger,Anxiety,nervousness, Rushing, quick decisions. Identifying your triggers helps because it forces you to examine your actions and uncover why you're doing what you're doing. Of course, it would be great if you could avoid the triggers that make you impatient. But for most of us, that's just not possible. So you have to learn to manage impatience instead.

First  consider to  live your life as simple as you can.

It is very difficult to do much work at a time. Look at today's technology does all the work so quickly. If something happens in the corner of the world  the whole world is out. But it is a technology. This is machinery, Sure machines can run fast but people really are not ready. They can't multitask. Human brain cannot focus on several things at a time. we try to do multitasking without error but that's not possible. Try to focus on and to pay attention closely we lost the patient. It is difficult to cultivate patience when you are stressed from having too many things to do. Stress is the main cause of our impatient reactions.

So, slow down and smell it ,feel it what you have around you. Make time to enjoy life. Make few friends with  deep friendship rather than with a huge network of people. Set your time and your priorities wisely. Don't waste time on worthless hobbies and gadgets.

In order to simplify your life, you may need to look at your daily routine. Where  can you slow down or cut down some things that is not useful.

Second is Be Realistic.

 In real life, things do not always happen as fast as we wish and the way we want. Accept the fact that time moves at the speed of time and not at the speed of your expectations. Second, remember that you cannot always control the circumstances. When the time comes, Good or Bad things happen to everyone. No one can stop them and nobody knows what will happen to next him. Bhgavad Gita tells us don't think about future because that's not in your hand. What you have in front of you is present.

There is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the “present.”

 So instead of losing your patience over circumstances that are beyond your control, try to identify things that you can control. Rather than getting angry over this circumstances find another way . The reality of life is that it does little good to worry over things that you cannot control. The bible says: None of you can add any time to your life by worrying about it.

Third is Develop spirituality Last but not least but this is very important . Spirituality should be developed. More you will be spiritual more you can develop patience. That's very true if we follow the rules of our scriptures ,we can learn important virtues such as love, joy,peace,gentleness and self control.Donot be anxious over anything. Making  simple our lives with prayer and thanksgiving, we can live less anxiously and more patiently.