The Prayer

Mahamritunjaya Mantra - Gayatri Mantra


तुने हमें उत्पन किया ,

            पालन कर रहा है तू ,
तुझसे ही पाते प्राण हम ,
           दुखियों के कष्ट हरता तू !

तेरा महान तेज है ,

           छाया हुआ सभी स्थान ,
सृष्टि  की वस्तु वस्तु में,

            हो रहा तू विद्यमान !

तेरा ही धरते ध्यान हम,

                मांगते तेरी दया ,
ईश्वर हमारी बुधि को ,

                श्रेष्ट  मार्ग पर चला !!


                    O God !


 you generated and take care of us,

you gave us life and remove all obstacles ! 

you shine so bright and your spiritual light reaches everywhere,

your presence can be experienced in the universe !


We meditate and pray for your kindness

That it may inspire and enlighten us  !!



 ब्रह्मा संहिता के अनुसार

Om, relegate another of the three to devotee status. Here, Om is established as "supreme God," using a Vaisnavite-oriented scripture as evidence. Brahmā's prayers are recorded in the Brahmā-samhita. From this scripture we know that Brahmā is a devotee of Om the empty space everlasting peace and abode, and what is home for both material, non-material and spiritual universes. According to Brahmā's authority we can know that Om is the Supreme God. Brahmā says: Om is the Supreme God. He has an eternal blissful spiritual body. He is the origin of all. He has no other origin and He is the prime cause of all causes. Brahmā lets us know that all Brahmā is one of many Brahmās who is one of many material universes which appear from Om's breathing out. Brahmā samhita is important scripture of Brahmā-sampradāya which lets us know about material and spiritual from Brahmā, who is first lving being in this material world. Brahmā created material planets in this material world on order of Om, and we can know that still Brahmā is not topmost personality in this universe, as even he worships Om. Brahmā lives for his 100, however even after Brahmā has tleave his material body, Om remains always in Om's eternal spiritual body also after dissolution of material universe. Even when all material universes become unmanifested and Om breathes in Om remains untouched by material nature. Brahmā lets us know that supreme abode in spiritual world is Om the empty space which is God filled by all matter, and that abode is always manifested by matter, antimatter, remnants of bigbang. So Brahmā worships only the Om or Aum: I worship Om, the primeval God. So Brahmā says that Om Govinda is source of countless eternal spiritual universes and temporary (which means they are either manifested or unmanifested) material/antimatter universes.